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who we are

Resourceful Results is a consulting firm committed to creating transformative solutions to social justice issues in the non-profit sector. Introducing the concept of program architecture, Resourceful Results intends to change the way in which social services are delivered across the nation. Though program and systems architecture, Resourceful Results targets organizations and community processes searching for attainable strategies that will increase the impact for their clientele and the communities in which they live.

Resourceful Results specializes in:

  • Program and systems architecture
  • Non-profit organizational analysis, management innovation, and fiscal mapping
  • Outcomes driven coalition building, facilitation, mediation, policy formation
  • Outcomes measurement creation
  • Small business development, design and organization
  • Strategic planning, staff and board development and training
  • Education and outreach planning, design and evaluation
  • Training and facilitation for boards, staff and volunteers

Resourceful Results, LLC specializes in creating comprehensive solutions to persistent social justice issues through program and systems architecture.

Our world’s financial situation offers an extraordinary opportunity for nonprofits to reassess why and how they exist.  Most often nonprofit programs are created in reaction to a community outcry, political mandate or funding availability. As a result, the solutions to these issues are often hastily designed without foresight for effectiveness to both the customer and the surrounding community. 

Affordable Housing developers spend time and money on pre-development, so why don't we do the same with programs?

If you are moved to find the answers to any of the questions below, contact Resourceful Results.

  • How do you assess whether your program(s), organization(s) and community systems are effective?
  • What is your definition of success?
  • What is your plan of action if you do not achieve success?
  • When is it time to close a program or shut down an organization?
  • When is it time to create new programs or expand your organization?
  • When is it time to consolidate services or merge with another organization?
  • How do you gather, interpret and integrate customer feedback?
  • What is your method for changing your programs, organizations and systems based on customer feedback?